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    August 3, 2010
    12:00 - 12:30pm EDT  

. thanks for joining us. i'm jc hayward. we are following breaking news from connecticut. police and emergency workers are on the scene of a deadly work place shooting. several people were killed when
a warehouse worker, who was told to resign, instead opened fire. manuel gallegus has the latest details. emergency crews race to the scene of a shooting outside of hartford, connecticut. police is a a driver at a local beer distributor showed up to work this morning and opened fire. several people were killed, including the suspected gunman omar thornton. he was being asked to resign and leave the company. three of the injured were take on the a local hospital. >> one patient in fair condition. another patient is in very serious condition in the operating room. and a third patient was resuscitated her and ultimately died. >> reporter: family members waited outside of the distribution center for any news of their loved ones. this man said he saw the shooter but was able to duck out of the way. >> when i heard his voice, what a relief to know he is okay and
i can't wait to see him. >> reporter: witnesses were -- witnesses say they were loading trucks for deliveries when the shooting started. according to authorities there were as many as 70 people inside the warehouse when the gunman opened fire. police are looking for the gunman connected to a deadly shooting in indianapolis. a masked man, armed with a high- powered rifle opened fire at a birthday barbecue. two people were killed and six wounded. the gunman fired from the street and was last seen speeding away in a car. delta is stepping up its presence at reagan national airport. the company is adding 21 new daily non-stop flights. many of them will go to florida. new non-stop flights will also go to hartford, columbus and st. louis. delta is also expanding service to boston and indianapolis. the new non-stop flights will
begin on october 31st. a new government report says that dulles international airport is the most expensive in the region. of the studies factor in several airfares. at dulles the average fare was $413. reagan national was in the middle at $372. and bwi's discount carriers bring its average down to $277. metro rail passengers are paying a little more today. the transit agency posted new signs informing riders of a fare increase and evening rush hour passengers will be forced to pay an additional charge on top of that. >> let's face it a rough start for metro's rate increase campaign. now the information is clarified let's check out to see how some riders are fairing in the heart of the city. >> i don't have no more money on my card now.
i'm in the negative. i didn't realize it was going to be more. >> reporter: her pockets are empty. the metro fare spike hit her where it hurts. >> i heard about it but i forgot about it. >> reporter: they plastered the bright yellow stickers informing them to add 25 cents to their fare. they alert riders a peak of the peak morning surcharge doesn't kick in until the end of the month. >> it is really hard, financially. >> reporter: throwing extra coins in the machine makes a difference for the regular riders like this man in. >> costs me about $200 a month including bus and train fare. >> i guess you have to cut back on certain luxuries so you can make it to work. >> reporter: the rate hike comes on the heels of scrutiny over the safety and service metro has been providing its customers. >> i think it is because of all the accidents nave. they try to make people pay for the settlements and stuff. >> you wonder where is all the money going but hopefully
somewhere good. malfunctions, glitches and minor delay, you bet it cost metro some money. they estimate $60,000 for what some consider poor planning an you pay for it if you ride metro rail. in the heart of washington, alex trevino, 9 news now. >> this transit agency is trying to move riders from paper to plastic cards so smartrip card users will get a 25% discount. montgomery county police say they will investigate some boastful words by convicted sniper lee boyd malvo. in an interview on ame he claimed and that he and moment were behind 42 shootings. police put the original number at 27. that includes the 13 shootings here in the washington area during the 2002 sniper spree. police say they are obligated to investigate malvo's claims and they will talk to him, if
he agrees. a springfield virginia man is facing car jack and abduction charges according to police he forced a woman out of her van on sunday at sully plaza and chantilly. three 5-year-old children were in the back of the vehicle as it sped away. youngsters were ordered out of the vehicle and they were unharmed. police spotted the van a short while later and arrested him. a followup on a man struck by a train in kensington. he was hit by a csx freight train on july 25th. police believe the silver spring resident may have been jogging at the time of the accident. a special education teacher in virginia is facing felony charges of cruelty to children. 33-year-old jenna bill letter
allegedly physically mistreated two autistic boys at a school where she taught in centreville. detectives say the abuse had been going on since may at deer park elementary school. police and school officials are declining to reveal the nature of the abuse. billeter is on unpaid administrative leave. a business owner is making a name for herself. while he builds cars for the rich and famous, bubba lloyd is behind a salute to the troops. jessica doyle explains. >> 72 corvette, actually owned by the prince of kuwait. >> reporter: when bubba lloyd is done with it. >> it will be like getting in a 2010 ferrari to go out and cruise and have 600 horse to the rear. >> reporter: bubba is no stranger to big names. >> james brown, the car over here is nicolas cage old car and this is danny devito's car. >> and his cars have been
featured around around. >> truckin' magazine, african- american on wheels. >> all of that and bubba just turned 22 last week. >> when i started the company i was 15. >> reporter: bubba east coast rods and customs has 500 plus clients that are continuous. >> he started to work on cars at 7 and it paid off. >> he had two indc unless the guinness book at the age of 11 and 19. they are automotive related certification. >> bubba has been big on following his dreams, no matter where they take him and the latest dream to support the troop. >> i want to build a car for military vets. >> reporter: it will be assembled with a military theme and sold at auction with proceeds donated to the wounded warrior project. >> by the time it is done it will be easy a six-figure car. his father, grandfather and
great grandfather served and this is his way of giving back. >> without people protecting us night and daytime, wouldn't without that i couldn't this this, so -- >> that was jessica doyle reporting. when the freedom car is finished, bubba plans to take it on a 31-city tour and could be the first of many charity cars to come. still ahead, on 9 news now at noon, seeking shelter. california man invites others to join him as he rides out a catastrophe. more details ahead. a new estimate of the amount of oil spilled in to the gulf climbs in to the worst case scenario. i'm joel brown in venice, louisiana. the latest on the spill coming up.
bill cosby is turning to the the internet to dispel rumors of his death. he responded with this post -- to make his point, cosby called larry king to let him know that he was still alive and kicking. well, the senate is starting their debate on elena kagan's nomination to the supreme court. a vote is expected before the end of the week. elena kagan is in line to become the fourth woman to sit on the high court.
nearly all democrats and a handful of gop senators are expected to vote for elena kagan. she served as president obama's solicitor general. let's turn our attention to that big oil spill in the gulf. engineers are set to begin the so-called static kill on the blown out well in the gulf. joel brown reports from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: scientists now say b.p.'s blown out well gushed more than 200 million-gallons of oil. the new government calculation is close to the previous worse- case scenario estimate. for the last 19 days, the temporary cap has been able to hold back the oil, but b.p. and the government want that well sealed for good. today, engineers hope to attempt the so-called static kill. yesterday, a small leak delayed a key preliminary test. if crews can successfully complete it, they will start to pump mud down in the well. >> once we get zero pressure in
the well from the static kill, there is an option to put some in from the top. >> reporter: the cement could permanently plug the well, but admiral allen cautions that crews will still need to drill from the bottom. >> this thing won't truly be sealed until the relief wells are phone. >> reporter: the end can't come soon enough for those who make a living in the gulf waters. charter boat captains have already lost this season and are hoping to safe the next one. >> it is almost beyond impatience at this point. >> oh i can't recollect yeah. we passed that months ago. we have 106 days in. now it is just get it done. >> reporter: captain callowway is optimistic b.p. will get the well sealed this month and his customers will eventually return. >> let's get the cleanup process done and get back to fishing. >> reporter: if there aren't more delays it is possible b.p. could complete theist's static kill later this week. joel brown. the relief well is 100 feet
the car get and crews could finish it next week. a tragic story from shreveport, louisiana. six teenagers drown in the red river. they were playing in a shallow area yesterday when suddenly they began to slip in to a 20- foot sinkhole. the victims include three brothers from one family, a sister and two brothers from another family. no one knew how to swim. one teenager was rescued. a new york city panel has denied landmark status to a building near ground zero. the move could allow a group to convert the property in to a controversial islamic community center and mosque. the building is just blocks from the site of the terrorist attacks. national and local leaders have come out against plans for the mosque saying that it disrespects the memory of september 11th victims. an anxious mayan myth
predicts the world will come to an end in 2012. a business owner in california is not waiting. robert vencino says he is offering space and a doomsday shelter that can hold up to 132 people. the cost, $50,000 beer adult and half of that amount of money for children. >> this is not 2012 but a long- term solution for if and when the need arises. this is something to plan in the future. better to be prepared than sorry are a doomsday shelter is built in the california desert already. he plans to build 20 more because space is filling up. still to come on 9 news now, hot wheels, we will tell you about this year's most stolen vehicle. howard has the forecast. sun is finally coming out. breaking through the cloudiness and warming things up. the allergy count came in low
but on the radar, i want to take you to areas northwest, shenandoah valley in to west virginia everybody pennsylvania, western maryland had a few showers out there. we will talk about that, where they are heading and what to expect for the rest of the week. ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
[ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
once again, the cadillac escalade tops the list of most stolen vehicles. this is despite an antitheft ignition system that actually prevents the suv from being started without a special key. thieves are getting an that by stealing it with a flat bed truck. one in every 100 escalades is reported stolen. >> escalade owners pay extra insurance with that stat, i'm sure. >> that's a luxury suv. >> it is. and i know folks who have them and they love them. >> they do. >> i have my little civic and they have their escalade. >> it -- it doesn't get stolen every time you park it. >> yeah. the sun has popped out, little muggy yesterday. it took longerer the sun to pop out. we stayed at low 80s.
we are already in the low 80s and mid to upper 80s, 90 degrees obtainable today and expect hotter than that through tomorrow and thursday. 82 right now. 85 by 3:00. 87 at 6:00. we will top off at maybe 90 if we get enough sunshine but we have isolated showers we will be contend withing. south wind at ten miles an hour. tonight it will be another muggy night, mostly cloudy. western maryland, west viriginia overnight to storm morning another chunk of energy will head this way. and that's going to be with us during the day tomorrow. so, we will be caught with scattered thunderstorms. 90 to 95 depending on the clouds and showers. south wind at ten. the sunis setting 8:17. look at the satellite and radar. clouds are streaming in. in ohio, more rain some in to pennsylvania and west virginia
and on live doppler 9000 hd i have zoomed in here to areas in west virginia, east of romney on 50. scattered about on oakland, down through grant county, as well. we are seeing showers through petersburg and even up and down 81. isolated showers are dotting the landscape. this is not widespread an i don't expect much today. and most of it will stay, i believe i-81 and west. go to the weather computer. the humidity levels have really soared. dew points over 70 again. that's why it is sticky out there. dew points as high as 73 in culpeper and orange and easton and cambridge. our dew point 70. when you take the temperatures, which are in the low 80s, thankfully not hotter we have a heat index at 86 degrees. south winds at ten. and reported mostly cloudy skies, all though in the last 15 minutes we have been sunnier here, at least in northwest. temperatures right now, right now at 11:00 in the morning at
little rock, will have at 101. dallas 92. this is the heat sitting under the ridge of high pressure. they are baking in little rock, memphis, shreveport in to dallas and southern missouri. even national will be 100 today. storms going up and over and the steering currents are taking the storms that were in chicago now in ohio and that is the debris clouds off of that. some leftover sprinkles surviving the trip. not too many will survive the trip. looks like isolated showers here and there this afternoon. tomorrow morning a few showers through the day. they pop up with the day tie time heating midday and clear out tomorrow and look at what happens on thursday. another batch of shower and storms by noon starting to approach from the north and west. as we look at the seven-day forecast, we have some heat. we have some humidity. we will be in the 90s tomorrow and thursday. we are drying out as we head to the weekend as temperatures by saturday down to 90. monday, again, mid-90s with late storms possible.
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tens of thousands of firefighters are battling massive wildfires in russia. the fires have destroyed many of russia's crops and are threatening to reach nuclear power plants. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: russia is bringing in more forces to fight wildfires raging south of the capital. at least 40 people have been
killed and thousands more have lost their homes to blazes stoked by russia's worst heat wave on record. fires swept through hundreds of villages in a matter of minutes. flames reduced his home to ashes. he's relieved he got his mother out in time. he says it all just happened too quickly. the president called it a great tragedy and declared a state of emergency in the hardest-hit areas. thousands of troops and tens of thousands of volunteers are joining the fight. about one-fifth of the country's grain crop is destroyed, triggering a resurge in the price of wheat on international markets. the p.m. putin ordered authorities to protect nuclear weapon sites at power plants. survivors, who lost everything, are cramming in to shelters. she says of course we are grateful but it is not enough, we need more.
russia's nightmare isn't over yet. more heat is in the forecast giving fuel to the flames. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> very unfortunate. we thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00 and have a great day. bye-bye. >> bye-bye.